Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update & Trying not to freak

So here is the update on what has been happening.... I had my transfer on 3/4. They unthawed two 5AAA and they both survived, so those two were implanted. My RE said to me "I just know you are having twins!" I said, "It can really go either way." He said, "Let's just say its a feeling I have." Bedrest and being a couch potato was easy since we went to Disneyland the day before to make sure our legs were good tired out.

Since then I have been having tons of symptoms. I have cramps, strecthing & pulling daily, I am super tired and going to bed 3 hours earlier than normal. And this morning Holy Road Map all over my chest. Could all of these symptoms be from the meds? Or pg? I have taken three hpts over the last couple of days and all neg. Today, I am 8dpt5dt. Shouldn't it come back positive by now? I am freaking out. The only saving grace I have is that every night I have dreams of holding a positive test in my hand. So each morning I get up and POAS excited to see if my dream comes true. So far no!! My first beta is on Monday. I am so nervous this didn't work.

I had my hormone levels checked on 5dpt5dt and they came back extremely high. My nurse said the progestrone level they like to see was 50 and I am at 300. Estrogen is supposed to be 150 mine is 1250. She was chipper giving me this news, a tone I haven't heard from her before. Am I reading more into this than I should?

Please God, let these babies stick.

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  1. Dear Lord, we pray so much for a positive today for this sweet family!