Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Date

We got our transfer date. We head to the LA area after work on March 2nd. My mock transfer is March 3rd and then my transfer is March 4th. I personally am shooting for a singleton born on 11-11-11. But who knows....

I ordered my meds today. They should be here Wednesday. Oh my is this really happening? I also made my first U/S appt for 2/4 with my old RE who I am not crazy about. But we live in a small area and she is my only option. I hope my U/S doesn't get screwed up.

So on the emotional side of things. I have been not really excited about all of this, until I got my date. Now I am looking online for maternity clothes. All of my thoughts and energy are not even considering the fact that this may not work. I certainly know that it doesn't always work and for me we are 0 and 2. So why do I have such a peace about this? Is God telling me its going to work or am I in severe denial? I am really letting myself dream that I could carry a child to term.

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  1. what an exciting time for you! we are 5 months preggers through EA (and did domestic adoption for our first!). Very similar stories!