Saturday, April 10, 2010


After three long weeks of waiting for the donor family we met with to meet with the other recipient family the decision was made. They chose the other family. I told myself during this wait that my hopes weren't up. I would be fine either way. And I know I will be. But for today I am having a pity party. I feel so tired of rejection. My own body has rejected me, birth mom after birth mom and now donor family after donor family. I know with every rejection we receive another families dreams are coming true. I think of the couple that was just picked over us and how happy they must be. Full of hope, wonder and excitment to start their family. I know our match is out there somewhere. God please give me patience for this waiting game until your perfect timing is revealed for us.


  1. So sorry to hear it didn't work out :( I will say, speaking from experience now, that God will work all things out. After our original family "changed their minds" and asked for their embryos back, I was feeling totally crushed... and still am sad for that "loss" and "what could have been"... but am now JOYFULLY pregnant with the embryos that were ment to be ours, I'm sure! It totally went down to the wire, and what felt like the very possible last second, but sometimes God opperates in that 11th hour. Praying for you guys... (PS, Dr K, is hands down the best doctor in the universe. I'm serious. He was amazing... I'm SO glad I ended up there)

  2. Its so wonderful to know that God already knows what children we will have and has them hand picked for us. I have been where you are and the waiting STINKS but it will all work out in the end friend. Keep your faith.