Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We had our appointment

Monday March 1st we had our phone consultation with Dr. K. He was 45 mins late in calling us so unfortunately my DH didn't get to be included in the phone call. Which I was bummed because he is very skeptical of RE's after all we have been through.

I found Dr. K very reassuring and sympathetic to our case. He said I was an excellent candidate for embryo adoption. Finally, something in the IF world I could be a great candidate for!! He said it would only be about 2-3 months until we are match. I about fell out of my chair. I thought surely it would take longer. He also said that one of my previous RE's noted in my file that I have tubal disease. I am not sure what that is. But I explained to him that I don't have any confidence in my previous RE and that she never ran any tests to confirm that statement. He agreed with me upon looking into my file a little closer. He wants to see my test results from the NEDC. Unfortunately they are dragging their feet on sending me the release form to get the info to Dr. K. I should have it by tomorrow. Before he will decide if I should have my tubes removed. But great news! I don't have to remove my ovary!! I am thrilled about that and I am hoping I don't need to have surgery at all. Wouldn't that be nice. Also, Dr. K told me that he wouldn't run unnecessary tests that would cause me any discomfort. I love this guy!!

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  1. Dr. K is THE MOST sympathetic and compassionate guy-you picked the best!! YAY!