Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something Came Up....

Disappointment strikes again. I remember how this feels from the first time we were pursuing embryo adoption after our rounds of failed IVF. Why is every setback so upsetting? I thought this time would be easier. I thought the desire and longing to have a baby would be lessened by the fact that we have a son already. I told myself that we have one, the rest of our kids would just be icing on the cake. I thought wrong. We had been talking with a donor couple on MW. They just told us that "something came up" and that they wouldn't be donating at this time. Quickly I scan all the emails to see if it was something I said. Who knows? I know its better that this happened now rather than further into the process. For that I am grateful.

My game plan now is to call around and find a clinic that donates embryos. This way I can get on a waiting list, if the clinic has one. While still waiting to make a connection on MW. Now if I could just remember where I buried all my medical records after our last fiasco with NEDC. This is my number one priority for tomorrow.

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  1. Try my doctor in L.A. He has donor embryos often...

    Hope this helps!